Blue Delta Organics specializes in developing products that increase the overall health of plants through natural science.


With over 50 years of research in soil-borne diseases and beneficial organisms at its disposal, Blue Delta is better equipped than any other firm producing similar products.


Dr. Robert Linderman,  who guides our science team and research & development, was the Research Leader and Location Leader for the USDA - Agricultural Research Service for the Pacific Northwest for over 40 years.


Thirteen years after his retirement, Dr. Linderman is still considered to be one of the top experts in his fields.


In 2013 the Myco-Fusion product line was developed specifically for high-performance gardeners.


It is a bio-based organic soil amendment product set that re-establishes necessary microbial diversity in the area surrounding the roots of plants.


The Myco-Fusion products are 100% natural and organic. Unlike the majority of our competitors, we grow our biology on host plants in a holistic matrix that maximizes the compatibility of organisms and harvest the roots that contain those organisms for use in our products.


The primary advantage of our 24-year-old process is exhibited in the effectiveness of our products.

Myco-Fusion’s benefits are far-reaching, and impact over 90% of the plants on the planet.

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• MF increases the yields of fruits and flowers on the plant


• MF increases plant growth


• MF creates natural antagonists that repel diseases away from   the plant


• MF increases the overall health of the plant


• MF increases fertilizer use efficiency (reduces the amount of   fertilizer needed to attain the same growth response in the plant)


• MF increases water use efficiency (makes the plant more   efficient in using water)


• MF increases drought tolerance


• MF protects the plant against soil toxicity (such as high salt   levels from fertilizer buildup)


• MF increases transplant success by reducing shock to the plant


• MF adds necessary biology back into depleted soil systems


• MF aids in the reclamation of environmentally damaged soil


The picture here denotes an independently performed experiment conducted on commercial onions. From left to right, the images show:


1. The control (healthy onion with no Myco-Fusion added)


2. An onion infected with the disease, Rhizoctonia (noticeably stunted)


3. The third onion from the left is healthy and has been treated with the Myco-Fusion product set 


4. The last onion was inoculated with the Myco-Fusion products, and then infected with the disease. The last onion shows no sign of the disease. The unique microbial diversity of the Myco-Fusion product set has created an “antagonistic potential” that has inhibited the disease from impacting the growth and yield of the plant.

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